Cancellation Policy

All services ordered by you are considered binding orders. In case of cancellation for any reason, the administrative fee of 8,5 EUR, which corresponds to the costs of the bank transfer, will not be refunded. The free for foreign payments can be up to 60 EUR, depending on the type of transfer.

All cancellation requests must be made in writing by email to:

Cancellation received up to and including  1st May, 2023 – funds will  be refunded
Cancellation received after 1st May, 2023 – funds cannot be returned and unpaid claims will be collected.
Please read the General Business Conditions and cancellation policy before completing your registration. I agree to the cancellation conditions and the GBC

Terms and Conditions relating to participants


Our main goal is maximum customer satisfaction. We dedicate our effort and time to reach this goal.  We try to accommodate you in all circumstances.


ARTICLE I / Binding application

1. The binding application form sent to the organizer is binding for the participant of the educational event (further referred to as the participant). The organizer has the right not to register a binding application without being obliged to justify his decision.

2. After accepting the binding application, the participant is registered on the day when the organizer receives payment for the ordered services and the participation fee, which is stated in the duly completed binding application (unless otherwise stated).
3. When canceling the binding application and paying the participation fee for the ordered services, the paid payment is not returned (unless stated otherwise).

If the registration fee is canceled by the participant after sending the binding application, the paid registration fee is not refunded (unless otherwise stated).

ARTICLE III / Organization of the educational event

1. The participant is obliged to respect and comply with all security and organizational measures that the organizer has ensured for the smooth progress of the educational event, including control at the entrance to the educational event and to all accompanying events taking place during the congress including social evenings. When invited by the organizer, the participant is obliged to present his congress participant business card issued by the organizer. This participant’s business card is non-transferable, the participant may not hand it over to a third party.
2. The organizer reserves the right to publish a list of participants from the ranks of exhibitors, other companies and participants from authorities, foundations and high schools and universities.
3. The organizer reserves the right to change the presenter, date, venue or cancel the educational event no later than on the day of the educational event.

1. The organizer is not responsible to the participants for the loss, destruction or any damage to their belongings, bags, or luggage, regardless of whether the destruction or other damage occurred before the start, during or after the end of the educational event.

2. Each participant arranges his own insurance. The organizer declares that the registration fee does not include the participant’s insurance during the congress.

1. If the organizer is unable to start the educational event because of circumstances not attributable to him, he will immediately notify the participants of the educational event. All obligations incurred by the organizer from the binding application cease. In this case, the participants of the educational event are not entitled to compensation for any damages incurred.
2. The participant of the educational event can make a claim for the services provided by the organizer to the responsible employees without undue delay and no later than on the day of the educational event. Otherwise, his right expires.
3. In case of violation of any of the provisions of these general conditions, the organizer is entitled to exclude the participant of the educational event from further participation in the educational event. In such a case, the participant of the educational event is not entitled to any compensation for any damages or refund of the registration fee paid in the meantime or the services ordered (unless otherwise stated].
1. Sponsorship of participants is only promised at the moment of sending a binding order via email or online form on the conference website. Sponsorship pledges can be canceled free of charge on request until the specified date, presented on the website of the specific event, but after the deadline, the order will be considered binding with a 100% cancellation fee. Compulsorily ordered services cannot be canceled after the specified date and must be paid in full by the sponsor, regardless of whether the service is actually used or not, even in the event of cancellation or non-performance of the event due to circumstances beyond the fault of the organizer. The promised sponsorship cannot be transferred to another event participant.
2. The total amount for the sponsored participants must be paid by the customer no later than 14 days before the event.


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A natural or legal person who places a binding order for services from the offer.
A purchase contract is created based on a binding order, on the basis of which the sale of services or goods is subsequently implemented. The order becomes binding when the order is accepted by the seller. A binding order must contain the following basic information: the name and address of the buyer, including phone or email, the required number of precisely specified goods or services, the required payment method, the price for services, goods, and transport. The order is considered binding for both parties if there is no violation of the conditions agreed upon at the time of ordering. In the case of the purchase of specific goods or services "to order", which must be ordered from the supplier at the customer's request, the seller may request a deposit of up to 100% of the purchase price.

The buyer will receive the goods at the price valid at the time of ordering. Some types of goods or services may have a discount, which is always limited in time. The seller reserves the right to cancel the discount if the goods are sold out or the service is unavailable.

The description and technical specifications of the services or goods that are listed on this website are based on information from suppliers and may change over time. The seller reserves the right to update or change this information if necessary. Errors in descriptions and technical specifications are reserved.

Services and goods are the property of the seller until full payment of the price of goods and services. Total price of the order can be paid by the buyer:
In cash at registration desk, if allowed in a specific case
By bank transfer in advance – the buyer transfers the entire amount to the seller’s bank account. In this case, the order will be executed only after the total amount has been credited to the seller’s account.
Fast online payment – you can pay simply, quickly, and securely thanks to the online card payment system.